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Conservative Leaders Speak Out Against Gay Marriage in Mississippi

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 23 Jul 2013 06:26pm | comments

A leading conservative legal scholar is warning the recent Supreme Court decisions has put Mississippi on the path toward legalized gay marriage.  Ed Whalen with the Washington, DC based Ethics and Public Policy Center says gay marriage could be disastrous to American culture.

 A pastor leads more than 100 Mississippians in prayer before Ed Whalen explains why he considers two recent US Supreme Court rulings supporting same sex marriage to be wrong and a bad sign for the country.

 Whalen, who is a prominent conservative lawyer, believes the court misread the constitution saying it does not guarantee a right to marriage for gay couples.

 "I think the reasoning, or lack thereof, in the Kennedy opinion is very disturbing. And I think unfortunately the court appears to be on a very short pathway to inventing this right," Whalen said.

 Whalen also warned that allowing same-sex marriages to go forward would weaken the 'culture of marriage' in the country and potentially damage future generations.

 "I think it is the collapse of that marriage culture that has left a lot of people not really understanding what marriage is. In the same way if we had a collapse in the teaching about geometry that people might not understand that we can't have round circles and square circles. That roundness in intrinsic to what a circle is. So I believe under a proper understanding of marriage that male-female complement-tarity is inherent to what it is," Whalen said.

 Gay marriage proponents argue exactly the opposite, that the US constitution guarantees equal protection under the law....including the right to marry.

 Many in the audience remain staunchly opposed to same-sex marriage often for religious reasons.

 Carolyn Gilchrist is from Carthage.

 "Because I deplore the fact that our nation has gone in the direction it has on marriage. I have been married for 49 years to the same man. And have three children. Two of whom are married and have children and have traditional family values. And I deplore the fact that we have moved away from that," Gilchrist said.

 Activists for gay marriage in Mississippi have stepped up efforts to draw attention to the state's same sex marriage ban, including releasing polls showing growing support for same-sex marriage and gay couples trying and failing to obtain marriage licenses.





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