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Cochran-McDaniel Campaigns Spar Over Blogger’s Video

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 21 May 2014 04:54pm | comments
Sparks are flying between Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran and state senator Chris McDaniel in the Republican primary to be the next Mississippi Senator. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that the two campaigns are sparring over who knew what and when about a blogger accused of taking unauthorized pictures of Senator Cochran's wife.
Clayton Kelly, the blogger who allegedly snuck into the nursing of Senator Thad Cochran's bedridden wife Rose, will be in court today facing multiple charges connected to the incident. 
Now the Cochran campaign is accusing their opponent of covering up knowledge of the pictures and online video. 
During a press call, Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell says McDaniel violated his responsibilities as an attorney when his campaign chose not to report the video.
"Our point is that Senator McDaniel took no action to alert any law enforcement authorities about the crime in question when he had knowledge of the crime," Russell said. 
However, Cochran's allies also knew about the short-lived video and waited for several days before reporting it to authorities.
Russell says they waited because they wanted their attorneys to give them advice.
"When we were alerted to it, we took immediate action to see what we were dealing with. Once we had a good handle on the situation we handed it over to the attorneys and at that point the legal process ran its course," Russell said.
The McDaniel campaign is declining to talk on tape, instead issuing a statement sayin they will not engage in a quote 'absurd witch hunt' surrounding the video. 
Earlier this week, Chris McDaniel says the photo controversy is a distraction from real campaign issues.
"Obviously what happened was just terrible. We condemned it. Clearly condemned it. It was just wrong. but what matters in this campaign are the issue. That is what matters. Senator Cochran does not want to talk about the issues. That is why he will not debate me. He wants to talk about everything else in the world but why he has been a liberal for 42 years," McDaniel.
So far, No one in the McDaniel camp has been directly connected with the blogger Clayton Kelly.
The contentious campaign is entering its final days with the primary election less than two weeks away.




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