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Cochran Campaign Shifts Gears As McDaniel Releases New Polls

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 12 Jun 2014 04:42pm | comments
In the waning days before the June 24th run off election, the two men vying for the Mississippi Senate Republican nomination are campaigning hard. The campaigns are trying to hold as many public events as possible to squeeze out the needed votes.
During a campaign stop at a trucking company in Richland, Senator Thad Cochran...the six term incumbent....changed up his campaign messaging and tried to warn the employees that booting him from office in favor of state senator Chris McDaniel would deprive the state of needed federal support.
"My opponent says he is not going to spend money like i spend money. Well, we are not going to have a lot of roads and bridges and we are not going to have a lot of things that are essential to our economic betterment and growth opportunities," Cochran said.
Lt. Governor Tate Reeves also appeared and tried to re-cast the race as one focused on what is best for Mississippi.
"Conservative leaders in Mississippi are standing beside Senator Thad Cochran. Governor Bryant, Congressman Harper, Congressman Nunnalee, myself. What these outside groups are trying to do, may or may not be in Mississippi's best interest and I think we need to focus on what is in Mississippi's best interest," Reeves said.
The campaign has put Cochran in an interesting spot, having to defend his power to send federal money back to Mississippi when that very ability is at the core of McDaniel's criticism of him focusing on federal spending and debt as the biggest problem facing the country.
McDaniel is hitting numerous campaign stops every day and yesterday released new polls that appear to show him with a lead as large as eight points. 
John Hudak with the Brookings institute says the race presents Republican primary voters with a clear choice, especially Tea Party supporters who are demanding spending cuts now.
"Regardless of what kind of pains that causes personally or with a district or a state, it is an important value to chase after. And if that truly is a principal by which they abide and which they vote than they have a very clear choice in this race," Hudak said.
Hudak says the defeat of Senator Cochran would be a bigger upset than this week's Tea Party upset of house majority leader Eric Cantor because just four other men have been elected to fill that seat over the last 100 years. 
The election is June 24th.




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