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Challengers Lined Up for Palazzo’s 4th District Congressional Seat

By Rhonda Miller | Published 26 Jan 2012 11:18pm | comments
4th District Congressman Steven Palazzo

All four Mississippi Congressmen are facing challengers in their bids for re-election.  Today MPB begins its coverage of the primary election.  Gulf Coast reporter Rhonda Miller has more on the South Mississippi race, where freshman Congressman Steven Palazzo has several challengers for his 4th District seat.

Tea Party Candidate Ron Vincent of Hattiesburg says there are three reasons he wants to replace Congressmen Steven Palazzo: "Cut spending, cut spending, cut spending."

Vincent is a retired engineer who says America should stop paying high prices for imported oil and develop its own resources.

"Well, my strong point is I’m not Palazzo," says Vincent. "He has a done a really, really poor job with his voting record. He’s voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, which he maintains 'til this day does not give the government the authority to arrest citizens. It absolutely does."

Palazzo says he’s been fighting President Obama’s policies, big government and big spending. He says he’s a strong voice for South Mississippi’s values.

"They sent me to Congress to govern responsibly, to find reasonable cuts, to balance the budget and to protect our men and women in uniform, which actually protects our economic and national security," Palazzo says.

Palazzo’s second Republican challenger is Cindy Burleson, the CEO of an international organization for children.  According to her campaign website, she supports renewable energy and wants to improve education by expanding language arts and phys ed.

Two Democratic candidates share a priority - to improve education with technology.

Jason Vitosky of Gulfport studied engineering at Tulane. He says the federal education system could work better.

"If we had a department of education that set up video platforms, where states could optionally choose to use course material, a database for at least all high school education material," says Vitosky.

Michael Herrington of Hattiesburg graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi and owns a small business. He wants more federal dollars for technology in schools.

"I want to be able to give kids across the district, basically put them on a level playing field with schools around the nation," Herrington says.

The primary election is March 13. 



4th District Congressman Steven Palazzo



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