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Central MS Black Mayors Align with Legislative Black Caucus

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 26 Sep 2013 05:14pm | comments

Newly elected black mayors from Central Mississippi are aligning themselves with the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus. Both groups are looking for ways lawmakers can help cities with a number of issues ranging from economics to infrastructure.


Mayors from Jackson, Vicksburg, Canton and Meridian met with members of the MS Legislative Black Caucus yesterday during a summit at Jackson State University.  Senator Kenny Wayne Jones, Chairman of the MS Legislative Black Caucus explains the importance of the alliance.


" We wanna help with their budgets if we can. We wanna look at how we can look at economic development if we need to do that. So we're letting them tell us what is the best thing we can do to help you from a legislative standpoint. And that way once we  know which direction to go we won’t be sitting down there in January wondering what can we do for Jackson? What can we do for Vicksburg, Canton or Meridian."


"One of the big problems we have in Jackson is that we're the capital city and we're a well used capital city."

Said Jackson Mayor, Chokwe Lumumba.


He also said "Our water, our streets, our roads, people from all over the state use it. So what we cont to do is get the Black Caucus and other legislators to do creative programming to help pay for the services of the city."

Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs is also a former state representative. He says during his 25 years in the Mississippi Legislature  he learned firsthand the importance of forming solid alliances.


"In fact it’s vital to the success that you connect with your voting bloc which is in the Mississippi legislature. Most of your resources that your city needs comes from the Mississippi legislature. And having a relationship with a voting block the size of the Mississippi Black Caucus is certainly a great start."


Mississippi currently has more black elected officials than any other state in the country. Leaders of the MS Legislative Black Caucus say they are planning similar meetings with all mayors across the state.







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