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Candidates in Mississippi’s Republican Runoff Are Making Final Push

By Paul Boger | Published 18 Jun 2014 08:30am | comments
Tea Party leaders are making a final push to unseat long-time incumbent U-S Senator Thad Cochran, and elect his opponent State Senator Chris McDaniel. Both campaigns are working to sway voters ahead of next weeks runoff election.
In six days Mississippians will head back to the polls to decide who will represent the Republican Party in this fall's midterm elections. Both  six-term incumbent Thad Cochran and his challenger state Senator Chris McDaniel are criss-crossing the state speaking to voters; hoping to persuade residents to vote for them. Jenny Beth Martin is the co-founder of the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, a national conservative super PAC. She says volunteers are working tirelessly to shore-up support for McDaniel.
"Today, we will knock on 8,000 doors, and we're going to continue to do that everyday until election day." says Martin. "We'll continue to be making phone calls into Mississippi and talking to the voters in Mississippi about the issues that we all care about in this country."
The Cochran campaign however, is increasing both campaign stops and advertising to relay it's message that Cochran is the only candidate that can help Mississippi. Jordan Russell is a spokesman for the campaign.
"I think people are coming to understand the difference between Senator Cochran and Chris McDaniel." Russell says. "Senator Cochran is in a leadership position, he can do more for Mississippi, he can effectively defend our conservative values in a way the Chris McDaniel is simply not capable of doing."
Marty Wisemann is a political analyst formerly with the Stennis Institute for Government. He says both campaigns have work to do before the end of the election.
"The Cochran campaign has made what I consider a valuable turn." Wisemann says. "Now he has gone back to embracing what made him so valuable to the state of Mississippi. As far as McDaniel is concerned he has got to maintain that level of excitement that was generate on that Tuesday night when he took a slight lead."
A run-off election between Cochran and McDaniel is scheduled for next Tuesday, June 24th.




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