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Candidates for Governor Can’t Agree on Fixing Health Care

By Daniel Cherry | Published 17 Oct 2011 09:32am | comments

With only about 3 weeks left before November's general election, the race for governor is heating up. MPB's Daniel Cherry has more on what both major party candidates want to do with Mississippi's health care.

Mississippi has some of the worst health disparities in the nation. When both major party candidates were asked about the federal health care reform act during a recent debate, they couldn't come to an agreement on much. Republican Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant thinks the law goes too far.

"I teach American Government so I know this. I'm being forced by my United States federal government to buy a product in the free market. I think that violates my civil liberties. That's a dangerous line to be crossing ladies and gentlemen. When the federal government can order you to buy a product, what is next?"

Bryant says the health care act will put one third of Mississippians on medicaid...something he says the state can't afford. But Democratic candidate Johnny DuPree supports health care reform.

"We're only one of 12 states that received $20 million from the federal government, and the reality is that $20 million came from the bill. So I agree that you need portability to design your own program, but what I'm interested in is making sure that those half-million people have the same benefit that I have as a public official. And that is: I have insurance."

Both candidates agree the health care exchange network Mississippi will soon put into place is a good thing.




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