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Camp Shelby’s Urban Combat and Technology Training Critical Elements of 21st Century Warfare

By Rhonda Miller | Published 28 Apr 2011 04:23pm | comments
Soldiers at Camp Shelby train in the shoot house as part of urban combat training

Camp Shelby opened its gates to give the media a rare look at the innovative military training and technology being used in Afghanistan. MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports the military base continues to evolve with the demands of 21st Century warfare.

Teams of soldiers in camouflage uniforms with M-4 rifles burst into the rooms. The training building is called a shoot house. Sergeant First Class Jamie Giles says this urban combat training prepares soldiers to think on their feet in life-and-death situations.

"Four-man clearing team moving into the room about the size of a small kitchen, all four men in there, firing simultaneously live rounds," Giles said.

Corporal William Delaplain is an instructor for the Shadow, a small unmanned aircraft that gets video, photo and other intelligence information. Delaplain is standing on a field where the aircraft is being prepared for a training launch.

"It pretty much eliminates the threat of losing soldiers, as far as being able to see and conduct battle damage assessment, getting close to the enemy without putting our soldiers in harm’s way," Delaplain said.

Camp Shelby trains mostly Army National Guard. 150,000 military men and women have trained at Camp Shelby since it was designated a mobilization center in 2004. But that’s nothing new, said Major Deidre Musgrave, the base public affairs officer

"Camp Shelby has a proud and long lineage of mobilizations stemming back from World War I as well as World War II," Musgrave said.

Training now is for a brigade from Oklahoma. Once they’re deployed, the next brigade will arrive. And so it goes at Camp Shelby, where every exercise is designed to train soldiers for the reality of war.


Soldiers at Camp Shelby train in the shoot house as part of urban combat training



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