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Business Leaders Touting Mississippi’s Creativity As Economic Driver

By Paul Boger | Published 10 Apr 2014 08:19pm | comments
Mississippi's business leaders say they want to continue developing the state's creative economy. MPB's Paul Boger reports.
At the Mississippi Economic Council's annual meeting in the Capitol City yesterday, elected officials and business leaders from across the state came together to celebrate what they believe makes Mississippi truly unique, it's creativity. Members of the council stressed how important small, creative idea can easily be turned into major business for the state. Jay Moon with the Mississippi Manufacturing Association says creativity can be useful in nearly every industry.
"Whether it's the intellectual side of actually developing a new application, whether it's the software that powers the machines, or whether it's the individuals that are developing new processes on the floor to meet consumer demand; it all ties into the manufacturing process, and it's all part of that creative economy.
Late last year, Governor Phil Bryant declared 2014 the year of Mississippi's Creative Economy, a yearlong celebration highlighting the state's talents across the creative spectrum and its impact on the economy.




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