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Bryant Wins Governor’s Race

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 09 Nov 2011 01:35am | comments
Lt. Governor Phil Bryant wins the race for Governor.

Mississippi voters are giving Lt. Governor Phil Bryant a promotion. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that Bryant is will be Mississippi's next governor.

A live-band plays, for hundreds of Phil Bryant supporters at the Hilton in Jackson.

Shortly after ten Tuesday night, out-going governor Haley Barbour introduced Lt. Governor Phil Bryant as the next governor.

"It's our great, great pleasure, honor and Mississippi's great benefit for me to introduce the 64th Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant," Barbour announced.

A triumphant and excited Bryant thanked his family, friends and supporters and repeated praised Governor Barbour, who could not seek a third term.

"We are going to do something very, very special. We are going to change Mississippi, not because Haley Barbour hasn't done such a wonderful job but because we are going to build on what he has been able to do. Because you see, the change comes on that foundation that has been laid," Bryant said.

Bryant briefly touched on his policy goals as governor promising to reform how the state crafts its annual budget.

"We are going to have something very special in this next session. We are going to do something that hasn't been done in about 100 years. We are going to get a responsible budget system, it is going to be the smart budget act," Bryant said.

Bryant won his race handily, earning roughly 60-percent of the vote while outspending his democratic opponent....Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny Dupree....7-to-1 throughout the campaign.

Even before the announcement, many in the crowd had an air of confidence about the race....including Cindy Moore of Brookhaven who brought a group of teenage Republicans to the victory party.

"We are very conservative. More conservative, faith based, and we believe in smaller government and lower taxes. And we think that all of those things are what Phil stands for and is the direction that he will head out state in," Moore said.

Republicans have held the Mississippi Governor's Mansion for four of the past five terms...but this is the first time in the state's modern history that a Republican will succeed another Republican as Mississippi governor.


Lt. Governor Phil Bryant wins the race for Governor.



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