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Bryant Fighting Efforts to Allow Young Immigrants to Stay In Mississippi Under New Program

By Rhonda Miller | Published 12 Oct 2012 06:05pm | comments
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant in Gautier

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant is fighting efforts to allow young illegal immigrants to stay in the state. MPB’s Rhonda Miller has more.

Thousands of young illegal immigrants living in Mississippi may not be protected from deportation procedures allowed under new regulations by the Obama administration.

Gov. Phil Bryant has joined a lawsuit last against the new program.  Bryant said in Gautier Friday he doesn’t think the President has the authority to change federal immigration law.

"I don’t  think we should ignore federal law. I don’t think we should let any president violate his oath of office, which is clearly what he has done, and simply ignore that."

The Mississippi ACLU is continuing efforts to help young people sign up for the program and is denouncing the Governors’ efforts to block the new regulations.

Rhonda Miller. MPB News. Biloxi.



Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant in Gautier



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