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Big Ticket Christmas Sales Making A Comeback?

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 23 Dec 2010 02:56pm | comments
Jewelry Glitters in a Store case in Flowood.

Confidence seems to be slowly returning to Mississippi shoppers looking to spend big bucks. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that business owners are hoping an increase in window shoppers, will soon mean more buyers.

Justin Cook was waiting in front Swain Auto Sales in Richland this week eyeing the new trailblazer he purchased for his business and as a Christmas gift to himself.

"I have my own business and I just need some more room. So I am going with a third row seat Trailblazer where I can load more machines in it and get my business going right," Cook said.

Businesses around Central Mississippi say they are starting to see costumers like Justin come back but sales are not quite booming. Reed Howell runs a big car lot in Jackson that sells everything from low end used cars to high priced luxury models. Howell says they're seeing more costumers, plus people who do buy are more confident.

"They are not really saying a lot. But you can see there is a lot less hesitancy there for them to go ahead and make a deal. It seems like they are a lot more at ease, I should said," Howell said.

Consumer spending was up in November, and Eddie Smith owner of Duncan Marine in Brandon, was hoping that would be a good sign for the holiday. But he says Christmas sales have been modest. he is now looking to 2011 to sell more of the boats he carries in 5 digit cost category.

"Got a couple of boats on order. I don't know if they have anything to do with the holidays, but I got a couple of new boats on order that will start us off at the first of the year," Smith said.

A few miles away, John Winstead stands behind a stocked jewelry counter glittering with gold and diamonds. He explains that sales have steadily improved this year.

"Its been good and we have been amazed. And we have been told that we are not really the norm in the jewelry business, that we are kind of the exception to the rule," Winstead said.

Unfortunately, not everyone is in the Christmas buying spirit. On Thursday afternoon, a different Jewelry store in Madison reported the theft of a solid gold Rolex watch.


Jewelry Glitters in a Store case in Flowood.



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