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Batson Children’s Hospital Cuts Ribbon on Major Expansion

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 15 Nov 2011 06:32pm | comments
Maidson Jordan helps cut the ribbon.

Mississippi's only level one emergency and trauma children's hospital is opening an expansive new addition. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that demand for children's health care had long since outgrown the hospital's initial design.

With the help of current and former patients and their families, officials from Batson's Children's hospital in Jackson cut the ribbon on a new 16-thousand square foot emergency department and trauma unit.

The facility is specifically designed to treat children like 7-year old Madison Jordan, who was treated at Batson for inflammation in her veins that could have led to a heart attack.....She thinks the new building is a big improvement.

"Each room has a name and a theme. So it is really cool. And while you are in the lobby while your mom or your dad are waiting you get to play with his little thing that has a weird mirror and spins wheels. All different types of stuff," Jordan said.

The current facility was built nearly 30-years ago and Batson Chief Executive Officer Guy Giesecke says the expansion triples their current space and number of treatment rooms.

"The ER that we are in right now was designed for 15-thousand patients maximum and last year we treated 36-thousand and we are growing. So it couldn't have come at a better and more needed time," Giesecke said.

The extra space will help the hospital treat traumatic injuries as well as chronic conditions like sickle cell, cancer and AIDS.

Jennifer Stephen, the hospital's clinical director, says the whole facility is designed to respond to the specific health care needs of children.

"When you are coming into a regular adult emergency room, they are the best at what they do but you really that same kind of care for the smaller patients, the younger patients. The systems are not developed like they are in an adult. And there are plenty of child specific diseases too," Stephen said.

The 6-million dollar expansion, officially called the Colonel Harland Sanders Children's Emergency Department and the Selby and Richard McRae Children's Trauma unit, will start taking patients next month.


Maidson Jordan helps cut the ribbon.



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