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Baseball Is Coming To Biloxi

By Evelina Burnett | Published 31 May 2013 06:00am | comments
A rendering of the proposed stadium (photo by Evelina Burnett)

The Mississippi Gulf Coast could soon get its own $35 million baseball stadium and minor league team in downtown Biloxi. The state of Mississippi will direct $15 million in BP funds towards a new baseball stadium in Biloxi that state and city leaders hope will boost economic development and tourism. Governor Phil Bryant made the announcement yesterday. He hopes that the Biloxi stadium will have as big an impact as the Mississippi Braves’ stadium in Pearl had there.

Tim Bennett is part of the management team bringing baseball to Biloxi. He also helped bring the Braves to Jackson in 2004. He says there is a double-A team committed to Biloxi -- putting it in the same league as the Mississippi Braves -- but its identity can’t be revealed just yet.

The new stadium will be located across from the Beau Rivage, right in the middle of downtown Biloxi. City leaders have agreed to issue $21 million in bonds for the project. Biloxi spokesman Vincent Creel said the city sees it as an economic development opportunity for downtown Biloxi, and the entire city and region.

The stadium is predicted to bring in an estimated $10 million in new annual visitor spending. Renderings of the proposed stadium are on the governor’s website:


A rendering of the proposed stadium (photo by Evelina Burnett)



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