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Barbour To Deliver Final State of the State Address Tuesday

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 10 Jan 2011 08:52am | comments

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour is set to give his final State of the State address in Jackson tonight. MPB's Jeffrey Hess has a preview of what some Mississippians will be listening for.

Governor Haley Barbour is at the end of his second term and cannot by law run again; leaving tonight's speech one of the last big speeches he will deliver as Governor.

Barbour might take time recount his successes over the last seven years. It's a victory lap that Senate President Pro-Temp Billy Hewes thinks Barbour has earned.

"Emphasizing fiscal responsibility and also jobs creation in Mississippi. And I would expect that he would talk about some of that record of achievement and accomplishment. But he always tends to have an eye forward. So I would think he would talk about what our prospects are and our expectations are there," Hewes said.

To Hewes, that means laying out a clear agenda for his final year in office to demonstrate that he is still focused on Mississippi.

The budget is a main item on the legislature's agenda and will likely be featured in the speech but that might not be a good thing says Jackson Representative Alyce Clarke.

"Well I think our Governor will tell us what his plans are for next year. And I don't think it will be anything new. I think it will be cut, cut,cut," Clarke said.

The Governor's proposed budget has already called for hundreds of millions in cuts. Kami Bumgarner, the teacher's representative on the State Board of Education, will be listening for what Barbour won't cut.

"Is that he'll be in support of fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education program. We have known that we are going to have budget cuts last year and probably over the next two or three years," Bumgarner said.

MPB TV and Think Radio carry both the Governor's Speech and the Democratic response live starting at 6 O'clock tonight.




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