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Barbour Calls For Education Reform in Second Farewell Address

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 08 Dec 2011 06:49pm | comments
barbour speaks in Jackson.

Outgoing governor Haley Barbour is using one of a series of farewell speeches to call for broad changes to the state's education system. MPB's Jeffrey Hess reports that Barbour believes education reform is a top priority for law makers after he leaves office.

Outgoing governor Haley Barbour called for educational reform for Mississippians of all ages during a Thursday address in Jackson.

Barbour is calling on churches to form a non-governmental coalition to get more involved in the education process.

"I would suggest to you, most of the children whose families are active members of churches are not our problem. I would suggest to you, that very few of them drop out. That most of them are getting the kind of mentoring and nurturing and their mommas are getting the kind of help they need," Barbour said.

Barbour also suggested shorter paths to college degrees, expanding adult education, and removing the negative stigma that is sometimes attached to vocational training to improve the state's work force.

"Workforce development and student aid is an area of education where we spend the least of our huge education budget but it is the educational sector which pays off the fastest. It is the quickest return for the taxpayer and it is the fastest return for the student," Barbour said.

Barbour gave a speech on traditional values in Tupelo on Wednesday and is planning a final speech on the state's budget next week in Biloxi.


barbour speaks in Jackson.



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