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Attorney General Asking Federal Court for Additional Review of BP Oil Spill Claims

By Rhonda Miller | Published 25 Apr 2012 05:04pm | comments
Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood at the 2012 Spring Prosecutors Conference in Biloxi.

Attorney General Jim Hood is taking another legal step to see if Mississippians are due more money for BP oil spill claims. MPB’s Rhonda Miller reports Hood said he’s filing a motion in New Orleans federal court this week.

Mississippi residents are getting an additional $4.6 million in BP oil spill claims since the U.S. Department of Justice announced last week some errors were made under the reign of Kenneth Feinberg. 

At a state prosecutors conference in Biloxi yesterday, Attorney General Jim Hood said the Justice Department review did not go far enough.

"They didn’t go behind the figures very much to determine whether or not they followed the methodology they were required to. That’s what our suit will continue to do, to try to help Coast and Mississippians, other people that filed claims, to make sure they were treated fairly, that they weren’t coerced to into signing one of these releases."

As a result of the Justice Department’s review, done by an independent auditor, an additional $64 million is being paid to oil spill victims across the Gulf Coast. 


Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood at the 2012 Spring Prosecutors Conference in Biloxi.



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