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As Flood Recedes Dangers Stay Behind

By Daniel Cherry | Published 31 May 2011 04:08pm | comments
Receding waters are beginning to reveal damage

Residents waiting to go home after the flood are still on hold in some places. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how dangers left behind by the water are slowing down their return.

Wayne Freeman's home is south of Vicksburg. The water recently backed off from his house and he's checking out the water line.
Freeman is living with a friend for now, but he's waiting on inspectors to say his house is safe.

"There ain't nothing in the house but curtains. When the people come out and check the house out I'm going to go on in."

Residents are being warned about very high levels of E. coli in the water, tetanus from rusted nails, and snakes coming up from the water into homes. Outside Anthony Coleman's house there is a strong odor coming from the standing sewage in the ditch and mosquitoes are swarming in the driveway. Coleman wants a more of a response to the problems left after the flood.

"You've got to understand, you've got kids around here that play ball. What if they come up sick? Who's got to pay the bill? The people that live here. So you take that child to the doctor the first thing the doctor is going to ask you is 'What was your child doing?' They were playing by the bayou, and mosquitoes were biting them. Well what's in the bayou?"

Mosquitoes...they're a big concern as Mississippi saw it's first case of West Nile virus last week. The City of Vicksburg says they could begin to step up control efforts soon. Charles Atkins, Vicksburg information officer, says they're also warning people to look out for dangers left behind inside the home.

"These types of contaminates that's been in the water we don't know exactly what all that is. It's going to be in the carpet, but if you do get a cut or nick or something like that clean it off really good and if you need to take a doctor's visit in."

Officials suggest wearing long pants and long sleeves to help protect against mosquitoes and cuts.


Receding waters are beginning to reveal damage



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