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April Marks National Child Abuse Prevention Month

By Lawayne Childrey | Published 25 Apr 2013 06:00am | comments
Child abuse comes in the forms of physical and sexual abuse as well as emotional and medical neglect. Shannon Toth, is a  licensed social worker with the Mississippi Department of Human Services. She says her biggest concerns are the systemic issues that perpetuate the cycle of abuse. 
"Not only are children perpetrated upon, but we know 1 out of 2 will go on to perpetrate upon their own children without intervention that means someone makes the report and gets involved," says Toth.
Toth says without intervention the results often have long term unintended consequences. 
"We see higher deliquency rates, higher substance abuse rates, mental health problems, a laundry list of other issues as a result of being abused or neglected as children," she continued.
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
Governor Phil Bryant recently signed the Lonnie Smith Act into law which gives more specific guidelines regarding offences to children. 




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