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Active Shooter Drills Keeps One Mississippi School District Prepared for Worst

By Paul Boger | Published 06 Jan 2014 08:30am | comments
Mississippi schools are back in session today after a long holiday break, but as MPB's Paul Boger reports school officials in Clinton took the time off to run drills designed to help keep students safe from a mass shooter.
Police stormed the front door of Clinton High School Friday, as part of a drill to train law enforcement officials and other first responders on how to effectively deal with a mass shooting. The purpose of the day long simulation was to evaluate how police would respond to an active shooter situation similar to Newtown, Connecticut, or Aurora, Colorado. 
Clinton Mayor Phil Fisher says it was a good way for his city to prepare for the worst.
"The reason we're doing this practice exercise is the more you train the better you are if you ever have to react." said Fisher. "It's really been a great opportunity for us to get together and talk and try to work through a scenario and find out where we have our weaknesses and where we need to start to correct those."
Clinton School District Superintendent Phil Burchfield says was thankful he was able to participate in the exercise.  
"Decisions that we make today are decision that we don't have to make perhaps at a later date." said Burchfield. "I think activities like this that coordinate incidents like this with the city and the police department with the FBI will only help us at a later date should something like this happen in the future."
Assistant Special Agent Johnnie Sharp is with the F-B-I, and was in charge of the activities.
"Just read the headlines everyday, and unfortunately this seems to be a sign of the times." said Sharp. "Where you have these types of shooting. The one in Colorado, being the most recent. Based upon that, Chief asked the FBI office here locally to come and assist them with putting together this exercise. So, we've done so, and based upon my observations here they have done an outstanding job."
Mississippi schools have participated in similar drills before. In 2002, state and local agencies participated in a drill that simulated a hostage situation.




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