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A Woman Now Facing Charges In Kidnapping Of A Mississippi Girl

By Jeffrey Hess | Published 02 May 2013 06:02pm | comments
6 year old Jashayla Hopson


A 54-year old Mississippi woman is being held without bond on charges of kidnapping a 6 year old girl. The kidnapping triggered an amber alert and multi state search.

With her hands chained to her waist, 54-year old Jessie May Pollard went before a federal judge yesterday for a preliminary hearing on the kidnapping charge.

Prosecutors say Pollard was involved in the kidnapping of Jashayla Hopson who was taken out of East Kemper Elementary by another woman Tuesday.

The two are accused of taking her to Alabama before bringing her back and dropping her off on the side of the road in Enterprise, Mississippi Wednesday.

Pollard's three sisters attended the hearing, and after word Dora Wilson defended her sister's innocence saying 'justice will be served'.

"If there was any truth to that, why didn't they have the little girl's DNA in the car. They should have just asked. That is what the lawyer should have asked," Wilson said.

But the state presented a laundry list of evidence including surveillance videos that appear to show Pollard with the girl at a hotel and also at a Wal-Mart where they say she purchased a new cell phone.

A text message was sent from that phone to the girl's mother reading 'do not call the police. I will call you later. If you call the police, you will never see her again'.

According to the criminal complaint, Pollard and the girl's mother Rochelle Ford had been involved in some sort of dispute prior to the kidnapping.

Pollard is a lifelong resident of Kemper County and spent two decades as a teacher.

Because of the nature of the crime, and Pollard's deep ties to Kemper County, Judge Keith Ball ordered her held without bond.

The second woman, identified only as 'Jocelyn' has not yet been arrested or charged.


6 year old Jashayla Hopson



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