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Mississippi Catholics Watching Pope Selection

By Daniel Cherry | Published 12 Mar 2013 05:31pm | comments
Catholics in Mississippi are watching closely as the Church draws near to selecting a new Pope. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, many are expressing what they would like to see in the next Pontiff.
The bells of the Cathedral of St. Peter in downtown Jackson called worshipers in to mass on Tuesday. Mary Woodward with the Catholic Diocese of Jackson says this is an exciting time for believers as the Cardinals are nearing a decision.
"It's kind of hard to put into words. To watch all the traditions and the rituals, it really gives you a sense of, this is a very sacred, holy moment, and it really is a moment driven by the Holy Spirit."
As the selection process enters its 2nd day, some say the church needs a Pope from outside Europe to show the diversity of the Church. Others like Ellen Bailly of Jackson hope the successor will tackle scandals within the church such as sexual misconduct of clergy. 
"The horrible mistakes that were made were, it's a mistake to try to cover up wrongdoing. They do it in the name of not destroying something else, but it destroys more if you try to cover it up."
Since Pope Benedict the 16th's recent resignation, many have waited anxiously to see the decision of the 115 Cardinals charged with selecting the new leader of the church. The first vote was unsuccessful yesterday, but Thomas Sierra of Pearl hopes when the decision does come, it's someone who is willing to lead by example. 
"I'm looking to see a person who is willing to follow, to serve the Church. Not just to put a hat on and a robe, but to lead."
There are about 120 thousand Catholics living in Mississippi. The Cardinals are expected to come to a decision on the new pontiff sometime this week. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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