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Job Fair Connects Employers With Job Seekers

By Daniel Cherry | Published 20 Mar 2013 05:32pm | comments
It's estimated there are about 140 thousand Mississippians who are unemployed. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, a job fair in Jackson is trying to connect employers to job seekers, but that's sometimes easier said than done.
Henry Bingham of Jackson is looking for a new job. He's recently retired, but he's ready to get back to work. Bingham talks to prospective employers at a job fair yesterday.
"I think I want to talk to these folks because they're pretty much in my background. This is Walgreen's Drug Store."
Bingham is one of more than one thousand job seekers inside the Mississippi Trade Mart looking for their next opportunity. He has years of experience in management, and he's enjoying meeting employers face to face.
"I see some companies that I have actually applied for online, and it's good to actually be able to interact with someone that represents that company as opposed to just online, online."
The job fair is designed to facilitate meetings between job seekers and the more than 100 employers with openings. Melinda Homsher with Burrows Paper Corporation is looking for candidates to fill several management and technical positions for a paper mill opening in Pickens.
"It is hard to find that technical position, but I've come across a few candidates that should work out pretty well so it's just a matter of doing some interviewing and going from there."
The fair is sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security and the Governor's Job Fair Network. Governor Phil Bryant says part of the reason why job openings aren't being filled quickly is government benefits take the incentive out of job hunting.
"You've got 99 weeks of unemployment, you can get healthcare provided for you in a lot of instances. There are benefits that the government will provide that someone might think, 'Well if I give up all the government benefits I have and take a $35,000 per year job, I'm going to be losing money.'"
Mississippi's unemployment rate is currently 9 point 3 percent. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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