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Mississippians React to Background Check Compromise Plan

By Daniel Cherry | Published 10 Apr 2013 06:34pm | comments
The U.S. Senate is expected to test vote a gun regulation bill today. Included in that bill is an amendment reached by two senators that would require background checks for all commercial gun sales. Some Mississippians don't think the impact will be that great.
The bi-partisan deal struck yesterday would expand background checks on firearm purchases. Some gun control supporters are praising it as an effort to close the gun show loophole. David Bailey organizes about 6 gun shows a year in Southaven and Batesville. 
"We're for background checks, as far as making sure somebody doesn't get a firearm that's illegal", says Bailey. "It's just going to be hard to impose it."
Bailey says there's a secondary market at gun shows where people sell and trade firearms without going though a dealer. 
If passed the amendment wouldn't cover private transactions so some gun rights advocates like Adam McCann with Mississippi Gun Trader, say the measure can't prevent dangerous people from obtaining firearms. 
McCann says, "When somebody decides they are going to commit a crime and they want to use a firearm to do it, there's really nothing that will stand in the way of it. If they have to steal a firearm, they will steal the firearm to commit the crime. I don't see any way that this legislation could help."
But others are celebrating the compromise plan as another barrier against illegal gun purchases. Susie Tenney is with the Gulf Coast Center for Non-Violence in Biloxi. She says domestic abuse offenders and anyone with a protective order out against them aren't meant to have access to guns. 
"We're not saying remove somebody's hunting gun, but certainly removing guns from offenders is important", Tenney adds. "It just makes it that much harder for a crime to be committed."
Before any of these measures become law they have to first pass the full Senate and then go to the Republican controlled House of Representatives. 




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