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April is Busiest Month for Tornadoes

By Daniel Cherry | Published 09 Apr 2013 05:57pm | comments
Mississippi is one of the most dangerous states in the nation for severe weather.  As strong storms are likely this evening, officials are warning residents to get prepared.
At the National Weather Service in Jackson, meteorologists are looking at simulations for a strong line of storms expected to move through the state this evening. 
"The storms will move East and eventually form into a line, and move across the state of Mississippi", says Steve Wilkinson, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the Weather Service.
 Two years ago this month a massive tornado outbreak swept across Mississippi. Three years ago a tornado destroyed parts of Yazoo City. Wilkinson says residents should be prepared to head to a sturdy building if need be.
Wilkinson says, "If you're not in a sturdy building hunkered down or underground, something of that nature, you're not going to get out of that without at least being injured. Warnings tell people to take cover, to get into those safe places, so if you're not paying attention something like that can sneak up on you."
The Mississippi Red Cross is urging residents to start preparing now, before more strong Spring storms hit the state. Sabrina Standifer with the Red Cross advises, put together a portable bag in case you need to take shelter away from home.
"First aid kit, battery powered radio, bottled water, flashlights with batteries, canned food, medications, anything that you would need just in case you're away from your home for a couple of days", says Standifer.
Experts say most of all have a weather radio in working condition that can wake you up in case potential deadly weather moves through at night. Meteorologist Steve Wilkinson says recent storms show, dangerous weather can happen anywhere in the state. 
Wilkinson adds, "I've talked to many people out after tornadoes hit their homes, 'I never thought this could happen.' Well it happens"
Weather experts say April is historically the most active month for tornadoes in Mississippi.




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