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Details Still Unclear About JPD Officer Death

By Daniel Cherry | Published 11 Apr 2013 09:58pm | comments
Details are slowly being revealed as to how a Jackson Police officer was shot and killed inside police headquarters last week. The investigation continues as family and friends gather to honor the slain officer.
Details have been slowly trickling in about how Detective Eric Smith was shot and killed inside the Jackson Police Department Headquarters during an interrogation last week. Lee Vance, Assistance Police Chief says the investigation is nearly complete, but authorities aren't releasing more information about the murder suicide until Smith is laid to rest.
"Those investigations are wrapping up. I think we're at the point to where we can start answering some of the questions that are out there, but we just wanted to put first things first. Celebrating the life and mourning the death of a great individual comes first, and I don't think anything should be allowed to interfere with that", says Vance.
Recent reports say another officer was in the room as Smith and the suspect struggled. The officer fired at the suspect and missed, but details are still unclear as authorities won't release details of the investigation until early next week. 
Thursday evening hundreds of residents and law enforcement came to the Jackson Police Department to honor the life of Detective Smith with a candlelight vigil. Smith's twin brother, Cedric Smith, says the family is grieving, but it's comforting to see the community support for the fallen officer.
Smith says, "Eric was special to our family. We all have that one or two people in our family that's our rock. Eric was that rock, and to see how that translates over to this community, to this department, that just leaves me speechless."
Many residents like Maggie Benson-White of Jackson came out because Smith had touched their lives in some way.
"We had a break-in in our area, and he took it upon himself to call me." Benson-White added, "He told me he was sorry what had happened, but he was going to make sure our area was beefed up and it did happen."
Detective Smith's funeral will be at 11am tomorrow on the campus of Jackson State University. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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