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Deadline Close for Late Tax Filers

By Daniel Cherry | Published 15 Apr 2013 03:00am | comments
If you're among the thousands of Mississippians who haven't filed your federal tax returns, you have a midnight deadline. 
To avoid penalties and interest on taxes due, residents need to file their tax return or apply for an extension today. Post offices in many areas will stay open later than usual to accommodate last minute filers, and tax preparers are ready to help. Mark Green is a spokesman for the IRS.
"The most important thing is don't panic. You still have a little time left of course. We definitely want to have those returns in by midnight whether it's your tax return or an extension", says Green.
Mississippi is one of the leading states for filing taxes online, which reduces mistakes and saves the IRS manpower. Many Mississippians can even file their taxes online for free. Michael Norris was getting his taxes prepared last week at a tax office in Jackson. He says this year his return is more complicated so he's getting help.
"If I worked multiple jobs or something like that, and this time I'm doing taxes from a couple of different states. So if it's more complex I'll go to somebody, but otherwise I've always done it myself."
Tax experts say organize your paperwork beforehand. That means gather information on student loan interest, real estate taxes, uncompensated work expenses, and much more. Prayer Dorsey with Liberty Taxes in Jackson says this year has been hectic because drawn out fiscal cliff negotiations interfered with the beginning of tax season.
"This year has been very busy. There have been a lot of changes with the rules with the fiscal cliff and all of that. So we've got a lot of information coming in late, but we've really tried to get all of that information to our customers and let them know."
There are nearly 9,000 Mississippians who have not filed 2009 tax returns and are missing out on about $7 million in unclaimed funds. That deadline is also today for those who didn't file in 2009 and hope to collect a return from that year. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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