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JPD Officials Release New Information On Police Headquarters Shooting

By Daniel Cherry | Published 15 Apr 2013 05:01pm | comments
For the first time since a Jackson Police detective was shot and killed inside police headquarters on April 4th, officials confirm another officer was involved with the incident. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, officials say there was a struggle that lasted several minutes.
Authorities confirm another detective fired a shot at suspect Jeremy Powell and missed as he struggled with Detective Eric Smith. The officer left the room to find help, Powell was able to take Detective Smith's firearm, and kill Smith before killing himself. Assistant Police Chief Lee Vance says it's not against JPD policy to have guns in interrogation rooms, but all policies are under review.
"We think that all of our procedures are constantly under review, and when we find where we can improve a measure of safety then we will take advantage of that", Vance said.
Officials say the preliminary investigation shows the officer's magazine fell from her gun after firing at the suspect. Police Chief Rebecca Coleman says an outside investigation will determine if gun malfunctioned.
"The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is doing a weapon analysis to give us a report on any type of malfunction that may have happened with the weapon", Coleman said.
Authorities also say, Powell who was being interrogated about another murder became agitated and stated that he would not go to jail. Assistant Chief Vance believes Powell took desperate steps to avoid jail time.
"He had made up his mind that he wasn't going to jail, and any alternative that he had to take in order to keep from going to jail, he was willing to do that", Vance said.
Officials withheld information about the case until until the fallen officer's funeral which was held Saturday. Harvey Johnson, Jackson Mayor indicates the full investigation won't be complete for weeks.
Johnson says, "We had anticipated that they would be complete by now. As you can see from the preliminary information that we have from MBI, it may be two weeks before they're able to complete their investigation."
The other detective involved with the shooting has been placed on administrative leave, which officials say is standard policy.




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