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UMMC Honors Mississippians Who Donate Body to Science

By Daniel Cherry | Published 24 Apr 2013 04:34pm | comments
Students and faculty at Mississippi's largest largest medical school are paying their respects and thanking those who donated their bodies to science. The gift of a body helps train the next generation of health care providers.
Mississippi's ongoing health disparities create a growing need for doctors in the state. Students at the University of Mississippi Medical Center are getting hands-on experience thanks to those who left their bodies to science. Sarah Ali is a 1st year medical student.
"That's what's really special about it because it's really the gift that never stops giving because all the doctors and dentists and PT students that are impacted here are all going to treat patients and it will touch countless lives."
As the medical school expands the need for body donations continues to grow. James Lynch, Vice Chair of Anatomical Sciences at UMC says this experience is invaluable to students' education.
"It's often said that the donor is the first patient that these students will have because it's the first time they meet someone that they interact with on the medical level."
Nearly 240 Mississippians donated their bodies this year.




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