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Education Reform Measures Moving Forward

By Daniel Cherry | Published 06 Feb 2013 09:16pm | comments
Mississippi lawmakers are moving forward with their promise to focus on education reform this session. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports on some key education measures that could become law.
The House Education Committee has passed a wide range of bills, from charter schools, to mandatory Kindergarten, and even tax credits for people who donate money for private school scholarships. Representative Brad Mayo is a Republican from Oxford.
"It has some very long-term goals and some more short-term goals. It has some that are going to affect everyone in the state and some that are going to affect targeted districts. So you have a variety of options in this package that, taken together, will hopefully move us forward immediately and in the foreseeable future."
Also on the table are stronger reading standards for students in Kindergarten through third grade and a pilot program for merit based pay for teachers. Representative Cecil Brown, is a Democrat from Hinds County and former Chair of the House Education Committee.
"I support some of what they're doing. I support, in fact, support, in concept, most of what they're doing. I'm very much concerned about the cost. Virtually everything they're proposing is going to cost additional money. We're close to $300 million short in basic funding for the Mississippi Adequate Education Funding Program formula."
The House and Senate are also considering measures that will change Mississippi's long standing tradition of electing school superintendents in favor of an appointed system. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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