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Mississippians Remember MLK with Day of Service

By Daniel Cherry | Published 21 Jan 2013 06:18pm | comments
Mississippi residents continue to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a day of service. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports thousands of Mississippians went to work on the holiday, cleaning up their communities.
As the state and nation paused to remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., many Mississippians went into action making their neighborhoods better places to live. In Jackson hundreds of volunteers took to the streets and parks yesterday, raking leaves and picking up years of trash. Kara Bland is a Senior at Belhaven University in Jackson. She's one of many cleaning up the grounds at the Spencer Perkins Foundation in West Jackson.
"I think it's good because it gives the whole school an opportunity to get together and go out to serve the community. And also just give back to the community as well."
Several non-profit community outreach centers saw an influx of volunteers during the day of service. Eric Troyer, with Mission First in Jackson, says every hand helping out on the grounds means more time those in the organization can spend helping others.
"When we have to take away from individual contact and mow or rake or take care of painting needs or whatever it may be. When we get volunteer groups that come in to do that for us then we can concentrate on ministry and help out people even more."
Volunteers also brought food to residents in need and helped some elderly residents with projects around their homes. Eric White is a Junior on the Belhaven football team, and he thinks giving back is a fitting way to honor the legacy of Dr. King.
"You're seeing a lot of different races out here. We're all working together and, I mean, if it weren't for Dr. King we probably wouldn't all be out here. I just thank God for him doing what he did and having the courage to do what he did."
Congress designated the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday as a national day of service in 1994. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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