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Gun Control Concerns Drive Thousands to Jackson Gun Show

By Daniel Cherry | Published 13 Jan 2013 09:21pm | comments
Mississippi gun enthusiasts are lining up by the thousands to buy firearms as tougher gun control measures loom in Washington. MPB’s Daniel Cherry reports, a gun show in Jackson likely set record attendance numbers over the weekend. 
At the Jackson Gun Show this weekend, the line stretched out the door and hundreds of yards into the parking lot as thousands of Mississippians waited for the chance to purchase firearms . Bill Milstead has been directing the gun show three times a year for 33 years, and he says, this crowd is unheard of.
“I’ve been out greeting all of the people coming in probably four to five times all during the day just to let them know what to expect with the wait. Because some of them have been waiting an hour, and hour and a half, two hours just for the sheer volume of people.”
Vice President Joe Biden announced last week, President Obama is considering taking executive action on tougher gun control measures. That’s driving gun enthusiasts to buy firearms and ammunition before any potential regulations come from Washington. Daniel Brown of Olive Branch has a booth selling guns at the show.
“Never seen nothing like it. Usually you’ll see a big show in February around tax time, but this is probably the biggest show I’ve seen in four years that I’ve been doing shows.”
Semi automatic rifles like the AR-15, high count magazines, and ammunition were the big sellers over the weekend…all are likely targets if gun control action is taken. Jerry King is one of many show goers checking out some of the high powered rifles.
“Law enforcement cannot protect every one of us. I’m not looking to go out and shoot anybody, but I do like the capability if I need to protect my family. Plus it’s our 2nd Amendment rights. It’s what our country is based on.”
Gun show promoters say the two day event likely drew in more than 6 thousand people.




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