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Concealed Weapon Permit Applications Spike in Mississippi

By Daniel Cherry | Published 09 Jan 2013 07:52pm | comments
Cliff Cargill
The number of Mississippians applying for permits have more than doubled in the past five years. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports... 
Mississippians are applying for concealed weapon permits like never before. More than 1,700 filed applications last month to carry firearms in public according to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety. That's about one thousand more than December 2011. Warren Strain is Public Safety spokesman.
"There were increases every month January through December of 2012 compared to each month of 2011. Some months more than others, but look at year over year, it practically doubled in that timeframe."
At the permit office in Jackson on Wednesday, residents lined up to apply for concealed carry. Kelli Leo of Madison was one of those waiting.
"Because I want to be able to carry a weapon concealed. To me it's dangerous. I do a lot of traveling and things like that, and I go through a lot of dangerous parts of town so I just want to be able to protect myself."
Following the Connecticut school shooting and concerns of tighter gun restrictions coming from Washington, firearm sales and concealed carry permit applications have been on the rise in Mississippi and across the nation. Cliff Cargill is a certified NRA firearms instructor. On a firing range near Byram, Cargill shows why he's also a champion speed shooter.
Cargill says in the past couple months, he's been getting many more calls than normal for handgun training courses.
"People are scared. They are aware that there is an administration that is in place that is willing to take their 2nd Amendment freedoms away, and without a doubt, the system has shown that they cannot protect you from the criminal element and people are arming themselves and taking care of themselves."
Republican Representative Andy Gipson of Braxton filed a bill Tuesday that would loosen language on what is considered concealed carry in Mississippi. The bill would amend existing law to allow handguns carried in holsters to be either partially or wholly visible.


Cliff Cargill



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