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Harper: No Fiscal Cliff Deal Bad for Mississippians and Business

By Daniel Cherry | Published 27 Dec 2012 06:45pm | comments
A Mississippi congressman says he's concerned if no deal is made on the fiscal cliff, Mississippians will feel the effects. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports lawmakers have only days left to iron out a plan to avoid the cliff.
Mississippi's 3rd District U.S. Congressman, Gregg Harper says he's losing faith leaders will develop a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff before the deadline. Unless a plan is passed beforehand, a huge combination of tax increases and spending cuts will go into effect January 1st. Harper, a Republican, believes going over the cliff would hurt Mississippi residents.
"You're going to see everybody that has a job that has taxes taken out of their paycheck will see less money in their take-home pay because the tax rates are going to go up. Some of the small business owners that see significant increases in their taxes may decide this is not the time to expand or to hire."
Last week, rank and file House Republicans rejected a plan by Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner that would have allowed taxes to rise on those making more than one million dollars. But Harper is hoping for a deal that he and other House Republicans can support.
"I'm hopeful that the President and Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority Leader of the Senate, will decide to put the politics aside and come up with a solution. The House will return on Sunday so we will be there to act on anything that the Senate might act on."
Harper says he would support a plan to keep tax rates the same as they are and reduce spending. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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