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Firearm Sales in Mississippi Spiking After Newtown, Ct. Tragedy

By Daniel Cherry | Published 20 Dec 2012 05:48pm | comments
Semi-automatic firearms are flying off the shelves over the potential of tighter gun laws. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, firearm enthusiasts say they're buying the weapons while they still can. 
Van Allen's deer processing business in Brandon is only part of his operation. He's also one of the largest firearm dealers in the area, and since the Newtown shooting last week, Allen says, firearm sales are through the roof.
"Probably my business has increased 400%-500% in the past week."
On Thursday, Allen's gun counter was packed with firearm enthusiasts, many of whom were looking to pick up one of the few semi-automatic rifles he has left in stock. 
"They've got the AKs, the M1s. There's several, several different semi-automatic guns. We'll be out today. We'll be out shortly."
Many firearm owners are concerned the recent shooting has sparked a national debate that could lead to sweeping gun control reforms. George Malvaney of Edwards came into the gun shop to pick up a couple AR-15s, a rifle similar to what American troops use in combat.
"Malvaney: Oh yeah, I bought two today.
Reporter: Why two?
Malvaney: Because that's all they had.
Reporter: Well, why do you think that you need to get them now?
Malvaney: I've only got five at home. Two more, and it looks like they're going to ban them."
High capacity ammunition magazines are also under scrutiny from leaders in Washington. Van Allen says his customers are buying up all of them they can find.
"We've got a run on them, but I've got a bunch of them on the way. I've still got a few hundred, but I've got a few thousand, should be here in about 10 days."
Supporters of tighter gun control measures argue, recent mass shootings show there's no reason why law-abiding citizens would need high-powered, military-style firearms.




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