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Giving Tuesday: Miss. Charities Asking for Generosity

By Daniel Cherry | Published 26 Nov 2012 07:56pm | comments
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Mississippi charities need you rhelp this holiday season. With the state's unemployment still hovering around 9%, MPB's Daniel Cherry reports many charities say now is the time to help those in need.
Today is what many are calling Giving Tuesday, a push to help others this holiday season. Captain Ken Chapman with the Salvation Army of Jackson says this is one of the most important times of the year to think of others.
"You know, everybody is all excited about the Black Friday deals and all the doorbusters and those kinds of things. And we're usually buying for ourselves or for family members or loved ones, and this is an opportunity, I think, for people to give outside of that circle."
Chapman says demand on the Salvation Army's food bank is up nearly 40 percent over this time last year. Chapman and others with charitable organizations in Mississippi are asking residents to consider giving up a gift this year and instead, give the money to someone in need.
"I think when you're able to give a gift to a charity, to help someone, to feed someone, to clothe someone, to help someone get the next step along their development. I think that is a really important part of Giving Tuesday."
But those working in consumer protection warn Mississippians that even though some charities may look like they're helping, they're really up to no good. John O'Hara is President of the Mississippi Better Business Bureau. He recommends either giving to reputable organizations or checking the charity out with the BBB.
"There are charities that seem to pop up every day. We just went through the storm with Sandy up there in the Northeast, and we had a couple of charities people were trying to give to that weren't registered yet. This is a good way to make sure your money goes to where you want it to go."
While some residents may not have extra money to give this holiday season, many charities are also calling for volunteers year round.


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