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Food Donations Heading to New Jersey After Sandy

By Daniel Cherry | Published 15 Nov 2012 05:45pm | comments
Mississippi charities are lending a helping hand to New Jersey residents recovering from Superstorm Sandy. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, a large food donation will soon head to the East Coast.
In the parking lot of Walmart in Madison, volunteers with the Jackson Salvation Army are preparing to fill an 18 wheeler with food donations bound for New Jersey. Governor Phil Bryant is calling on Mississippians to be generous as the holiday season approaches.
"One hundred thousand citizens, our fellow Americans in 24 different states, primarily New York, New Jersey and Virginia, will be without electricity. They won't have a warm home for Thanksgiving or a warm meal, without us."
One resident, William Creel of Yazoo City, drove down to Madison so he could donate a box of food. He has family and friends in New Jersey and New York, and between Katrina and the 2010 Yazoo City tornado, he feels he should help those in need.
"They're all well, my people are, but there's a lot of people suffering up there. It's terrible. And of course being in Katrina country we understand their hurt, and we want to help all we can. They've had our prayers all along."
Those in the Jackson metro area who want to help out can pick up a box at the Madison Walmart, fill it, and load it into the truck. Major Ken Chapman, with the Jackson Salvation Army says to pack a box full of non-perishable items, it usually costs about 30 dollars.
"Things that have protein, like pasta and tuna and canned meats and vegetables. And the list is very specific because a box...if you go by the list, it will fit in the box, and if you get four of each one of those kinds of items. That will feed a family of four for a week."
For those not in the Jackson area who still want to lend a hand, reputable charities like the Salvation Army and Red Cross are taking monetary donations to help those affected by the storm. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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