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Mississippi Democrats and Republicans Assess Elections

By Daniel Cherry | Published 07 Nov 2012 08:00pm | comments
Rickey Cole-D (left), Joe Nosef-R (right)
Mississippi's Democratic and Republican parties are still assessing the results and the impact of Tuesday's elections. MPB's Daniel Cherry has more from the Chairmen of the state Republican and Democratic parties.
The Chairman of the Mississippi Democratic Party, Rickey Cole says he's glad to see the President re-elected and he believes Mississippi Democrats could learn something from the President's campaign.
"If there's one lesson that comes out of the President's victory yesterday, it's the so-called ground game. The organizing of volunteers at the grassroots level that made the difference for him, and I'm committed over the 4 years of my term as state Chair to do the same thing here in Mississippi. "
Republican Party Chairman, Joe Nosef isn't thrilled to see the President re-elected, but he says it's time both sides work together to come up with solutions.
"It's not the result that we wanted, as both Governor Bryant and I said, but we've got big things to work on as well, and we better do them and we better work on them pretty quick."
Three of Mississippi's four Congressional seats and both Senators are Republican. All running for re-election successfully fended off their challengers. Nosef says that's a testament to the strength of the candidates.
"The fact that the Democratic Party was unable to muster much of an opposition to any of them, shows you, I think the strength of those folks, Palazzo, Nunnelle, Harper, and Wicker as officials."
After a dismal performance by Democrats in last year's statewide elections, Chairman Cole says this is a rebuilding year, and Mississippi Democrats are organizing.
"Mississippi was a place where Democrats have given elections away to Republicans, and we're looking to organize in every precinct in this state to where we have a competitive edge."
Cole points out, every year in Mississippi is an election year of some kind so both parties will have to hit the ground right away to get their candidates in office.


Rickey Cole-D (left), Joe Nosef-R (right)



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