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Mississippians Reaching Out to Swing State Voters

By Daniel Cherry | Published 02 Nov 2012 07:23pm | comments
Omari Pittman, a student from Jackson, is calling up likely Obama voters in Florida
In the final hours before tomorrow's general election, Mississippians are reaching out to voters in key states. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, residents are on their phones and on the ground, helping their candidate win.
At the Democratic Party Headquarters in downtown Jackson, Omari Pittman, a medical student, is volunteering his time calling registered voters in Florida.
"A lot of people will just take the backroad, and don't want to get out there and get dirty and put their hands in there to help out as much as possible. So I figured, I'm not doing anything today, so why not?"
Teams of both Democrats and Republicans are visiting swing states like Florida and Ohio to help get out the vote. Pat Bruce, of Madison, says she's organized a phone bank of nearly 500 Republicans in Central Mississippi who are calling up voters in those key battleground states.
"You know, I want to do something. What can I do? We are pretty sure that Mississippi is going to go for Romney, but there are other states where we really need to make a difference. I know that calls needed to be made to Ohio and to Florida..."
Back at the Democratic Party headquarters, Denny Taimanglo is calling likely Obama voters in swing states. He's a citizen living in Germany who flew back to Mississippi to make sure his vote is counted...and try to make sure others vote as well.
"I think that the nation, the people, it's like clockwork. If everybody does their job, it works properly and precise. If one or two don't then the clock will go late. I think that's what we're having in the states if people don't vote."
Polls will open tomorrow from 7am to 7pm.


Omari Pittman, a student from Jackson, is calling up likely Obama voters in Florida



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