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Elections Officials Urge Mississippians to Go Vote

By Daniel Cherry | Published 01 Nov 2012 06:28pm | comments
Mississippians will head to the polls in only four days. And MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how the state's top election official is urging all registered voters to get out on voting day.
Every election year, Mississippi students get their chance to vote for the candidates in a mock election. This year, out of more than 100 thousand K through 12 students, 56 percent went for President Obama, 44 percent voted for Governor Mitt Romney. Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann oversees Mississippi's elections. Hosemann, a Republican, is glad to get young Mississippians involved, but he'd like to see a different outcome next week.
"Who knows? They all voted. It was a free and fair election. They think what they think. And many of them had debates. Local debtes, in the classroom. Some would be President Obama, some would be Governor Romney so this is a very healthy thing."
Hosemann says students have been a surprisingly accurate barometer of elections in past years. One student, Safir Monroe, from Piney Woods, is glad to have a chance to participate, but he'd like to see more weight placed on the popular vote.
"I think the election is a very important process, and I think that the process should be decided by the people because the Electoral College really decimates the power of one vote."
According to Secretary of State Hosemann, absentee ballots are a good predictor of voter turnout. He says last year about 10 percent voted absentee...this year, only about 3 percent have turned in a ballot. Even so, Hosemann is hopeful voters will turn up election day.
"People have to understand the gravity of this. It's not just the economy, the county is at war. There are diverging paths for the country and everybody needs to remember that. Each one of those votes is critical, and it may be critical in Mississippi. We'll just have to wait and see."
Hosemann says last election saw about 1.2 million voters show up. He's hoping for at least that many this year.




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