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Mississippians Respond to Sandy

By Daniel Cherry | Published 29 Oct 2012 06:58pm | comments
Mississippians are offering assistance to states along the East Coast as Sandy continues its push inland. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports Mississippi responders have valuable experience and they're ready to lend a hand.
A logistical support team from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency is in Maryland to assist with storm response. Robert Latham, Mississippi Emergency Management Agency Director, says Mississippians have a wealth of experience in dealing with hurricanes and strong storms that will be valuable to the East Coast states.
"From the experiences of Katrina, we have people with experience that have been though major, catastrophic events like that who can go in to help other states. So we're very proactive about that, making sure we offer assistance when other states need it, regardless of where they are."
MEMA also sent three swift water rescue teams to help if the flood surge threatens residents. Entergy Mississippi and other utility providers have sent crews east to help restore power in affected areas. Mara Hartman is a spokesperson with Entergy.
"That's our goal, to restore everyone as quickly and safely as possible. It looks like right now though, the crews are planning on being there for as long as three weeks. That's the amount of clothing they packed and how long they expect to be away from their families."
Responders are expecting cold weather during and after Sandy so restoring heat to homes is a high priority. Jarrod Ravencraft, a spokesman for the Red Cross, says crews are waiting on the storm to pass before ramping up response efforts.
"Once the hurricane makes landfall and moves through the area, we will more than likely send additional volunteers, more staff to support the needs and whatever happens with Hurricane Sandy."
Hurricane Sandy is expected to affect between 50 and 60 million Americans.




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