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West Nile Still a Concern in Fall

By Daniel Cherry | Published 12 Oct 2012 04:46pm | comments
West Nile Virus is still a threat to Mississippians even though summer is gone. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports...
Mississippi has already set a record for West Nile Virus this year with 213 cases. Dr. Paul Byers, Deputy State Epidemiologist with the Mississippi Department of Health, says temperatures are dropping, but West Nile is still a concern.
"We don't want people to let their guard down right now. It's still important to take those precautions that we've been talking about pretty much all summer long for several months now. Now is not the time to back off on that. It's still important to do the things that we know are important to prevent West Nile Virus infection."
Byers says in most cases, infected people show no symptoms, but about one out of every 150 people have a severe neurological reaction...some of those result in death. Five Mississippians have already died from West Nile this year.




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