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Mississippi Democrats React to Presidential Debate

By Daniel Cherry | Published 04 Oct 2012 12:58am | comments
For 90 minutes President Barack Obama and his challenger, former Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney sparred over a number of issues during their first presidential debate last night. MPB News has reaction from Democrats and Republicans, starting with MPB's Daniel Cherry.  
At the Reunion Hall in West Jackson, dozens of Obama supporters watched intently as the President took on Governor Romney in their first debate. Jacquline Amos-Norris, Chair of the Hinds County Democratic Executive Committee liked what she was hearing from Obama, but wasn't as impressed with Mr. Romney.
"President Obama has not deviated from his plan. He hasn't deviated as Mitt Romney. All of a sudden Romney is a middle class man. He's going to strengthen the middle class, but for the past 18 months we were not on his radar."
When watching the candidates spar, a common theme among Obama supporters was Mr. Romney is unrelatable. Here's Vernon Hartley of Jackson.
"Mr. Romney may be a businessperson and maybe understands it from a business perspective, but there's a human element that you have to take into concern. I think he's out of his league. I just think generally, he's too far removed from the average person."
Meanwhile, across town at another location, more than 100 Obama supporters crowded into a bar in downtown Jackson. Among those was Rose DeVries, a senior at Millsaps College. She was glad to see both candidates addressing the future of healthcare...the issue she's most interested in hearing about.
"I think that's something that we've actually seen real change on, and it's something that's affected me. And so it's been good to hear them talk about that as opposed to these huge abstractions and saying, 'Well I'm going to lower the deficit. I'm going to cut spending. I'm going to do all of this, and somehow we're going to end up with more money, and I don't really see how that's possible.'"
While Mr. Romney went on the attack during the debate, Obama supporters say they were content with the President's performance during last-night's contest.




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