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Gov. Bryant Continues Push for Charter Schools

By Daniel Cherry | Published 27 Sep 2012 05:31pm | comments
Governor Phil Bryant is continuing his push to bring charter schools to Mississippi. As MPB's Daniel Cherry reports, Bryant is looking to private schools for ideas on education reform.
That's Governor Phil Bryant speaking at the New Summit School in Jackson. Bryant's plan for education reform in Mississippi involves bringing in charter schools to the state, and he's using New Summit, a private school, as a model. Bryant wants increased school choice for families, flexible curricula, and job training programs for students.
"It's a perfect example of what we're saying charter schools should be. There's a workforce learning element here so you've got two paths. You've got a path to college and you've got a path to modern skills training opportunities when you come out of school."
Bryant made charter schools one of his cornerstone issues during his inauguration address in January. More recently, the Governor has promoted performance based pay for teachers...something he says the New Summit School already does.
"Teachers that are compensated for their ability to teach. What they're doing here, a very happy learning, exciting environment. This is what we need more of. This is what our public schools in Mississippi should look like."
Some groups in Mississippi are staunchly opposed to bringing charter schools to the public education system. Derrick Johnson, President of the Mississippi NAACP has concerns. He says charter schools have failed to perform in some states where they've been implemented.
"Charter schools have done nothing to ensure that all children receive a quality public school education. What charter schools have done is put public dollars in the private sector, and private sector programs are always seeing how they can maximize profit."
Top lawmakers attempted to pass charter schools into law last session, but the bill failed in the House Education Committee. Governor Bryant says the upcoming session will be focused on education reform.




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