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Nutrition Fair Aims to Fight Hunger and Obesity

By Daniel Cherry | Published 20 Sep 2012 07:15pm | comments
Several organizations across Mississippi are teaming up to fight hunger and promote overall health. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how Mississippi struggle with hunger yet are the most obese.
At a nutrition fair in Jackson, Constance Shelby with the Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi is showing fairgoers the My Plate which represents a healthy meal.
"Chicken is definitely not bad it just makes it worse when you fry it. If you take it back to the basics, you can still have the things that you love, they're just not in such a way that the nutritional value is taken away."
The fair was a partnership between the Urban League of Greater Jackson, the Mississippi Food Network and others to promote healthier living. Keith Mack of Jackson came to learn how to live better and longer.
"My main concern is to stop smoking. I'm glad to have this health fair because I'm seeing a lot of stands that pertain to quitting smoking. You know, just keeping a healthy life...keeping a healthy life because we're not getting any younger."
Many Mississippians struggle with hunger and poverty, and many of their meals come from prepackaged, high sodium, and high fat foods. Tony Gaylor with the Urban League says its important to inform residents how to balance meals while still on a tight budget.
"That food ends up contributing to the obesity and diabetes that we face within our state. So we have to help folks understand that just because you think you're paying a little less today, you may be spending a whole lot more later."
A report from the Centers for Disease Control says about two thirds of Mississippians will be obese by 2030.




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