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Help Available for Miss. Residents Recovering from Isaac

By Daniel Cherry | Published 17 Sep 2012 07:05pm | comments
Mississippians still recovering from damages left behind by Hurricane Isaac have help available. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how federal and state agencies are on hand to assist residents and businesses get back on their feet.
For those picking up the pieces after Isaac tore his way through Mississippi, there is about 9.9 million dollars available to help out. More than 18 thousand survivors in counties declared disaster areas have already contacted FEMA for help or information regarding assistance. Patricia Whitt is a FEMA spokesperson.
"These specialists have been going door to door in the communities talking to individuals about the registration process, about what they can expect, and to encourage them to register with FEMA right away."
More than 41 hundred households have received grants from FEMA to assist with housing or personal property loss. Along with FEMA, the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency, and the Small Business Administration have opened 16 disaster recovery centers in southern and central Mississippi. Carl Sherrill with the SBA says there are also funds available to keep small business on their feet.
"Funds so that they can basically stay in business. We recognize that those businesses have employees and they have customers so we want them to stay around and stay in business."
Sherrill points out, the SBA offers low-interest loans to residents as well as businesses following disasters. Both agencies stress, the most important thing is to apply.
"Don't disqualify yourself. Let the FEMA inspector, let the SBA loss verifier that comes, determine the damage that you received and the assistance that you may be qualified for."
Residents or businesses that have questions about recovery assistance can either contact FEMA or the SBA, or visit any of the disaster recovery centers for more information.




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