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National Unemployment Drops, Miss. Residents Still Struggle

By Daniel Cherry | Published 07 Sep 2012 06:39pm | comments
National unemployment numbers are on the decline, but Mississippi's jobless rate is still well above than the national average at just higher than 9 percent. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how many job hunters in the state are having a hard time finding work.
More than 120 thousand Mississippians are currently unemployed. Lavar Jackson is one of the many underemployed. He moved to Mississippi 8 months ago from Chicago. He has an MBA and wants an accounting job, but he's not having much luck.
"Terrible (laughs)... I'm working a dead end job so I'm not feeling great about it, but hopefully something will come along and I'll be in my profession."
The nation's unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent...most of that decline is because 300 thousand workers dropped out of the labor force last month. Tameka from Vicksburg drove over to the WIN Job Center in Pearl. She's looking for a job in law enforcement so she can provide for her 3 year old son.
"It's just been kind of hard to find something. I've been applying, but nobody has called."
Tameka says she has all her certifications, but still can't find the job she wants.
"That one I'm trying to figure out. I don't know. I don't know why it's so hard, you have the certification and you can't find work."
Tameka has expanded her job search to just find something. She's optimistic about the future and so is Lavar Jackson.
"The honest truth is, the economy is just in bad shape right now. Hopefully it will pick up and things will get better."
In Mississippi, Clay County has the highest unemployment rate at nearly 19 percent. Rankin County is the lowest at about 6 percent. Daniel Cherry...MPB News.




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