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Donations Heading to Help Isaac Victims

By Daniel Cherry | Published 03 Sep 2012 04:20pm | comments
Mississippians are reaching out to help those in need after Hurricane Isaac slammed the Gulf Coast last week. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports how residents are donating tons of food and cleaning supplies to those who need it most.
As residents continue to pick up the pieces after Hurricane Isaac's two day assault on the Gulf Coast, others hope to offer a helping hand. At the Mississippi State Fairgrounds in Jackson, a lady who wants to be known only as Kary from Jackson is dropping off supplies for a truck headed to the coast.
"Just paper towels and some cleaning supplies and some bleach, garbage bags, brooms, and something that might hopefully help somebody."
Organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army have put out the call for Mississippians to pitch in to help affected residents. Wilma Linson Kitchens of Florence gave some cleaning supplies to the cause. She and her husband suffered their own tragedy years ago, and they haven't forgotten how hard things were.
"We were ourselves in a tornado in 1992 and people helped us. It was really bad in '92, and if it hadn't been for people helping us, the Red Cross coming out and giving food and stuff, I don't know where we would have survived."
The Mississippi Center for Police and Sheriffs is responsible for the donation truck at the Fairgrounds. Brian Kyzar has volunteered to help with collections.
"A lot of people during Hurricane Katrina wanted to step up and help, and then here with Isaac, people were grateful that they were ok, but then they realized that people really do need help. So it's just touching for people to come out and extend a hand."
Collection organizations say Mississippians are still in need of food, water, clothing, and cleaning supplies.




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