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Issac Weakened But Still Poses Threat

By Daniel Cherry | Published 30 Aug 2012 06:28pm | comments
After pounding Mississippi with high winds, torrential rains and massive flooding, Isaac is slowing pushing it's way North.  MPB's Daniel Cherry has more on how emergency responders are still watching the storm closely.
Although Isaac's windspeeds have been downgraded to a depression, Mississippi residents are urged to remain vigilant as rising waters still pose a threat in many areas. Dr. Rick Knabb, Director of the National Hurricane Center, says there's plenty of rain still to come.
"For some folks the event is just beginning. And heavy rainfall, inland flooding, and river flooding could happen points north. Widespread flooding is a risk."
Over two days, Isaac's rains flooded streets and homes and winds downed trees in many communities. Some areas received nearly 20 inches of rain. Here's FEMA Deputy Administrator Rich Serino.
"I think a lot of people got hooked up on, this is a tropical storm and then just a Category 1 and back to a tropical storm. Some of the largest disasters that we've had and the major flooding incidents we've had in this country have been from tropical storms. I think the amount of rain that came down surprised a lot of people."
Thousands of Mississippians are still without power and many others are still living in the 35 shelters across the state. Charley Shimanski, Senior Vice President of Disaster Relations with the Red Cross, says volunteers are on the ground, ready to assist.
"We've got more and more volunteers and equipment and supplies moving into or already in place in the affected areas. 3,500 trained Red Cross first responders from across the country have deployed."
Many rivers, streams, and bayous across Mississippi are expected to hit their crest this morning as Isaac's rains find their way downstream.




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