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Thousands of Isaac Evacuees Seek Shelter in Mississippi

By Daniel Cherry | Published 29 Aug 2012 06:28pm | comments
Some two thousand evacuees who fled the path of Isaac are staying in more than 35 shelters across central and South Mississippi. MPB's Daniel Cherry reports on evacuees who sought shelter in the Capital City.
John Miles from New Orleans is just one of thousands seeking shelter in Mississippi. He learned his lesson when he stayed behind during he's not taking any chances.
"Oh trust me. I've bumped my head a couple times with the hurricanes, but I'm glad we all just left, family of 12, just to get out of the area, and come here and be safe under the shelter."
Volunteers are working around the clock to take care of evacuees. Pauline Rogers manages a Red Cross shelter with New Horizon Church in South Jackson, and she says all 30 people checked in are well taken care of.
"We're just doing feeding, sheltering, meeting basic needs, toiletries. We've got a young infant here, just three weeks old. Making sure the baby has Pampers, milk, mom is ok. So it's that kind of effort right now. Nothing major. "
Many like Thomas Christopher from South Louisiana just want the storm to pass so they can go home. Christopher says he's ready to get back to work.
"It's difficult down there already and then the storm came in and we had to come up here. So actually that messes everything up because work down there is difficult already, then I had to come up here and that messes everything up, work wise."
The Red Cross is asking Mississippians who CAN to make monetary donations to help care for evacuees residing in the shelters.




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